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When a company takes leave of an employee there can be many reasons, but the common thing is that the employee is hit hard. Our experience is that most companies wants to help their employees, no matter the reason for resignation.

That’s why many companies help their terminated employees to engage in a process where they are provided with professional assistance.

In most cases it is just to have another person to talk to and who know what it is about.
And someone who the employee can be 100% comfortable with, and someone who can simultaneously help further the work / career.

We can help with the training in writing applications, completing the resume as well as guiding through a tough market.

Having a professional on board as an advisor, has tremendous psychological effect and can help the terminated employee forward in life.

During our experience, we have terminated employees at all levels from CEO’s to assistants, so we know – that it hits hard and how we can help.

All companies have a great social responsibility – please contact us and the sooner – the better !!